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Mimic Data was founded in Portland Oregon. Our founders have over 40 years of combined channel and enterprise infrastructure experience. Their goal for Mimic Data is to offer local, customizable and affordable online backup solutions specifically designed for Managed Service Providers and their small to medium business (SMB) clients.

Through extensive market research, they found a number online backup companies who sell very expensive hardware, appliances and “cloud storage” with a focus on enterprise businesses. These same companies attempt to sell to SMB’s at a premium. With the cost of storage being so low it does not makes sense for any business to pay so much for quality online backup. They also found companies who have taken their consumer products and tacked a “Pro” label on them in a feeble attempt to capture a piece of the SMB market. Both tactics, in our mind is deceptive and confusing to the SMB market and leaves a big online backup hole to fill.

With this research in hand, Mimic Data was formed along with its quality enterprise grade backup products designed for the SMB. These products are not only profitable for MSP’s, but very affordable for their small to medium business customers.

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