How it Works

One small software client does it all. There is no need for software specific agents. BackSync Backup provides you with a wide variety of options to meet your customers specific needs. These options can create additional sources of revenue for your business.


How it Works?

  1. You install the software client on the Server or Workstation.
  2. You add and authenticate to the client to the Backup Server
  3. You add the Backup destination server to the Client
  4. You create the backup job(s) and schedule.

Where does it go?

  • Locally attached Disk (internal or external)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) or File Share (UNC path or mapped drive)
  • To our Tier 1 SAS70 Type-II Data Center onto High Availability Storage Arrays
  • Optionally to a BackSync Backup Server at the customers location
  • Combination of the above

From our Data Center you have the option, on a per customer or per client basis, to have the data replicated again to the “Cloud”. This geographically disperses the data across multiple Data Centers throughout the US.

On Premise Backup Server Appliance (Option)

When you have a number servers and laptops to backup, or larger amounts of data,  it may be more efficient to install on premise backup server appliance and replicate to Mimic Data or to Amazon S3. A local backup server provides faster recovery times when restoring large amounts of data and you can select what backup jobs you want to replicate offsite.

Replication to Amazon S3 (Option)

We can dedicate a backup server in our data center to you that replicates to an Amazon S3 account. Like the onsite server option, you only pay a monthly fee or a dedicated virtual server.

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