IASO Online and Local Backup


Mimic Data is a distributor of IASO online backup. IASO backup is a high performance, multi-threaded 2-tier backup solution that deduplicates all your backups with unlimited retention, centralized management and industry leading features. Local backups can be used for quick restores, and the off-site backup is always available in case of disaster recovery.

Resellers have the option of backing up to Mimic Data storage nodes, IASO storage nodes, or installing and managing their own storage nodes at a discounted price. Mimic Data hosts its storage nodes in the Via West data center in Hillsboro Oregon. When you backup to a Mimic Data storage node we include FREE seeding of large customer backups. We also offer overnight shipping of restored data on USB drive or via FTP download.

50% Discount for Workstation OS, Charity, Education and Government

Use IASO Backup to securely protect critical systems such as:

  • Microsoft Exchange and SQL databases
  • Oracle databases
  • MySQL
  • Network Shares
  • VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Computers
  • SharePoint
  • and more..

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Deduplication with delta block versioning
  • 2-tier backup where a local backup is made first then synchronized to an off-site server
  • Brandable Software to create your own brand
  • Very fast backup with up to 10 simultaneous threads.
  • Storage Nodes – Use your own storage on customer premise or in your own data center, or use Mimic Data or IASO storage nodes. It is your choice.
  • Cloud Management Console software runs on your computer to manage and monitor backups. With the remote control option administrators can start the user interface of the remote client from the Management Console and have the same control as if he was locally logged on
  • Local SpeedVault and VirtualDrive for fast restores
  • Free seeding of large data sets with Mimic Data Storage Nodes
  • Windows, OS X and Linux clients
  • AES Encryption
  • Unlimited Retention
  • and more

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