Built for the MSP

It takes smart guys to know smart guys. At Mimic Data we know the needs of IT professionals, that's why we designed our products and services the way we did, with your customers in mind.  We know as the trusted technology advisor to your clients you need to rely on worry-free and reliable solutions that you can trust to simply and easily generate recurring revenue.

Designed for Small Businesses

Our Online Backup and business continuity solutions are designed specifically for the SMB market.  We don’t waste your time by offering consumer grade products re-branded with a “Pro” label or something you have to pay a monthly minimum before you have even learned how the products work.  Mimic Data only works with Manage Service Providers (MSP's) and Resellers, so we’re not competing with your business and we refer customers to our Partners all the time.

Quality is Key

We have built our products and services from the ground up.  Most of all we're constantly working on upgrades and new features you request because we understand the technical and commercial aspect needs of your business.  Housed in our Tier 1 Type II SAS-70 data center you can trust your customer's information is safe and secure.

Your success is our success, so we do everything we can to make it easy for you to generate recurring revenue. It cost you nothing to get started and our team members will help you get started quickly so you can start capturing revenue you are currently missing out on.

Reseller Benefits

  • Designed for the SMB
  • Designed for recurring revenue.
  • Affordably priced
  • No minimums. Pay as you grow.
  • Enterprise class backup
  • Brandable marketing materials
  • FREE Training
  • Engineering Sales support
  • SAS 70 Type II Data Center

Flexible Solutions

Mimic Data’s offers multiple solutions and options which give you more ways to sell online backup and business continuity to meet customer's specific needs.

BackSync Backup hs the widest selection of application plug-ins for online backup.
IASO Backup quickly deduplicates and backups up customer data online or local.
BackSync Archive is bulk storage that we like to call the "poor man's online backup".
BackSync Protect meets business continuity needs when hardware fails.
Cloud Hosting allows you to provide your customer customized virtual data centers and virtual servers.