BackSync Archive

Low Cost Cloud Storage for backups and sharing files

BackSync Archive is a flexible cloud storage solutions that can be used multiple ways to fit your business needs.You can store and retrieve your files many different ways, such as a web browsers or secure FTP or mapping as a network drive.

BackSync Archive is priced with a small monthly fee of $10 for each customer account which includes the first 10GB of storage. Additional storage is $0.10  p/GB used at the end of the month with no transmission fees of any kind.

Ways to use BackSync Archive:

  • As a low cost online backup solution using FREE backup software like Cobian Backup or for a few dollars use CrushSync or BackupAssist
  • To store an offsite copy of your seldom used files.
  • For securely sharing files files with remote offices or customers.
  • As a remote drive using WebDAV by simply mapping a network drive to your files.

What is included:

  • Unlimited uploads and downloads with now transfer fees
  • Anytime, anywhere access via a web browser.
  • Seeding of large data sets in the Data Center via USB drive
  • Secured data transfer into a secure data center to meet compliance requirements
  • Create unlimited secured sub-shares with their own username and password.
  • Option – Have your files delivered on a loaner USB drive. All you pay for is shipping.

Access to your files via

  • HTTP – Simple Web access with a Web Browser (a non standard port to increase security)
  • HTTPS – Secure Web Access via a Web Browser
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol – The Industry Standard
  • SFTP – Secure FTP
  • WebDAV – Map a Drive to your computer
  • WebDAVS – Securely Map a Drive to you computer via HTTPS