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IASO Quick Start Instructions


Frequently asked questions and a full set of manuals for the client and management console can be found at https://www.iaso.com/kb/

How to install the Cloud Management Console (Visual Guide – Click Here)

How to create an End Customer account

  • To add an customer account, from the menu Select Partners – Add End Customer
  • In the "End-customer name"  field enter the customer name and select the service type.
  • All Inclusive – Backups go to IASO Storage Nodes.
  • Software Only – Backups go to Mimic Data, Reseller or End Customer Storage Node
  • If they are in a trial you can check the box for that. Customers will automatically be switched into paid mode after 30 days.

Note: All phone numbers must begin +1 (i.e. +15555551212)

How to create a login account for your End Customer

  • Select the customer account you created
  • From the menu select Partners > Users
  • By default there is an account called “root”. Select this account and select Edit
  • Enter a password for the root account that you will provide to the customer
  • The customer would then download and install the Cloud Management Console and login the exact same way you do. The only difference is your customer will enter their customer name in the partner name field.

How to create a client computer account

  • Login to the Cloud Management console
  • From the tree on the left select the End Customer you want the computer account to be under
  • From the menu select Accounts > Add account or right click in the window to the right and select "Add Device"
  • Enter the account name and the product you want associated with the account.
  • Select the product you want associated with the account and select "Create" when finished.
  • A window will pop-up that shows the Account name and Password. You will use this information when you install the client software on the computer.
  • Click Save

 How to install the Backup Manager client software (Visual Guide – Click Here)

  • Download the client software from http://www.iaso.com/downloads/
  • Run the installer
  • Enter the Account name and Password from the computer (Device) account you created in the Cloud Management Console (CMC). If you forgot the password, go back to the CMC, right click on the computer account and select Modify Account
  • Finish install the client software by following the wizard
  • Once the install is complete you can begin created backup jobs

After you install the client software on a computer, be sure to enable remote access so you can manage, create and edit backup jobs from the cloud management console (instructions here