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Analyze your existing application server performance

Determine what Cloud Servers would cost and provide you and application level migration plan.

Assess measures your existing infrastructure and application workloads. We measure performance profiles, so you can accurately identify your what cloud server to select, the configuration and pricing plan.

  • Performance Analysis: View a detailed performance analysis on compute, storage, and network resources based on observed peak CPU utilization, storage capacity, IOPS, and more.
  • Cloud Comparison: Compare TCO across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), so you can decide which option is the best fit based on your current application workload profiles.
  • Cost Breakdown: Gain deep visibility into your cloud TCO by breaking down projected costs by compute, storage, and network.


Plan automates the discovery of applications dependencies across servers so you can prioritize which applications to migrate and efficiently build a successful roadmap to the cloud.

  • Automated Application and Infrastructure Inventory: View all of your applications and their dependency details, including inbound firewall rules, client app DNS, CPU usage by app, and TCO to migrate.
  • Migration Designer: Group applications based on their dependencies, business uses, migration phases, and more.
  • Application Grouping: Group your servers based on business applications and affinity mapping.

Our migration tool can move your workloads with speed and accuracy to the right configuration in AWS, Azure, and/or Google Cloud Platform.

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